May 22, 2018

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Corporate giving, also known as corporate philanthropy, refers to the act of for-profit companies donating some of their profits or resources to charity. Donations may come from the company directly, or through a separate, company-sponsored foundation or public charity.
The Federation of Families for Maryland Residence Incorporated - FFMR is recognized as one of the most effective organizations working to build the power of the whole Maryland, USA community. By supporting the distinctive capacity building and leadership development work of the FFMR you and your company help us build leaders and create positive lasting change for the Maryland, USA community.
We have years of experience working with dozens of corporations in building unique partnerships that identify and strengthen the shared value between your company’s goals and initiatives and the work of FFMR. Demonstrate to your employees your direct commitment to the Maryland, USA community and provide an opportunity to engage your company directly in our work.
For more information on partnering with FFMR, contact William Clements, Executive Director/Founder at or fill out our contact form on the contact page.

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