July 20, 2018

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In-kind donatons can help our operation and services. We recognize that businesses are more prepared to provide in-kind support than cash donations. In-kind giving offers businesses the flexibility of participation and support of FFMR's important mission. A business may want to participate but simply does not have the funds to do so at the time. In-kind donations can be the answer.
For FFMR, ongoing in-kind support can help us provide major services, which equates to costs savings for our organization. In-kind giving meets specific needs that immediately impact our foundation.
FFMR will accept in-kind donations of the following services:
  • Marketing and public relations services
  • Event room for functions
  • Shipping assistance
  • Office supplies
  • Graphic design supplies
  • Printing
  • Computer hardware
  • Vacation packages to be used for fundraising purposes
  • Timeshare weeks for fundraising purposes
For more information on partnering with FFMR, contact William Clements, Executive Director/Founder at william.clements@ffmr.org or fill out our contact form on the contact page.

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