July 20, 2018

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Extensions of corporate philanthropy, matching gift programs are designed to be the means by which companies support employee charitable giving. Companies match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits.
Today, to encourage their employees to contribute to organizations like the Federation of Families for Maryland Residence Incorporated, many companies and organizations have started matching gift programs.
Quite a few of match contributions dollar for dollar, and some even double or triple the amount donated. To find out if your company or organization has matching gifts program, contact your HR department. If they do, they should be able to send you a matching gift form. Please send the matching gift form, along with your donation, to William Clements, Executive Director/Founder at william.clements@ffmr.org & some companies may even support this by having the option of a one-time donation and/or a donation per pay period that comes out of your check instead too.

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