April 24, 2018

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You will find lots of different resources here from other non-profit organizations that have a focus on a very small niche. (All of these are in PDF/PowerPoint and will either open in a new tab or download to your computer, depending on your browser).If any other non-profits want to submit their resources to Federation of Families for Maryland Residence Incorporated – FFMR and have them add to this page you may send an e-mail to William Clements, Executive Director/Founder at william.clements@ffmr.org or fill out our contact form. We will add resources to this page that are something that is free and that can be downloaded as a PDF or any other compatible downloads that are replicable and you are from the company or you can send me a link to were I can download the resource(s) for either if you are but required if you are not. Representatives, please use your work email that you have with the nonprofit you work for/own. To have helpful links added you can still email use or submit the contact form and it will be added to the rest listed on our homepage.

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