July 20, 2018

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We do hope that you find something at our store to buy. Every sale made will help support FFMR. For FFMR merchandise, 15% of the proceeds normally go to us but if you make sure to add an asterisk (*) behind the link then we will get 30% of the proceeds instead. It will not show it once it loads so just be aware of that. If you click on the link then it is automatically added at the end even though you may not see it. We hope you find something that interests you to buy online at  zazzle.com/FFMR_Inc*

We also have some great perks for you as well. We want to save you time and money. We have a Discount portal that you can sign up for and log into for free. You my visit our Discount portal by Clicking Here or at our BenefitHub which is https://ffmr.benefithub.com. To sign up and then login, you will need to click on "Guest" in the upper left hand corner of your screen at the link and then choose sign up or sign in.
Our supporters are important to us. We value our supporters and are committed to offering the most value for the money, which is why when you support FFMR it comes with additional benefits:
Access to a FREE concierge service that will assist you in setting up utilities at your new home—
TV, phone, internet, gas and electric—at NO additional COST to you!
Access to the current Comcast, Cox Cable and Verizon FiOS promotions (with bundles starting as low as $49.99), up to $400 cash back, free installation with a 2-year price guarantee, and (if you sign up for a double play or triple play) up to an additional $50.00 GIFT CARD
Access to the FFMR Discount portal for a limited time, which provides special promotions from local businesses and national retailers…names you know!
The above services are designed to save you time and money. They are also provided by third parties and are subject to change.
Anywhere from 1% - 10% of the proceeds will be donated to FFMR, as well!

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