July 20, 2018

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Be part of the wonderful team who supports FFMR in its efforts to assist Maryland residence that are adults, teenagers, and children, with mental, physical, and behavioral health needs. Click here for a detailed list of the type of volunteer opportunities you, your family, your friends, your school or club can become involved with.

Volunteering saves resources, brings people together, strengthens the community, provides opportunities to give back, builds confidence and self-esteem, promotes being active, and can reduce stress. Volunteer hours can help you gain rewarding experience, assist in advancing your career, and/or help you meet a school or club requirement. FFMR will track and report your contribution of valuable volunteer hours completed.

Please complete and submit the volunteer application form if you would like to help the families and children we serve in the community. Our Volunteer Coordinator, William Clements, will call you to follow up and learn more about your interest. Note: Volunteer orientation is required prior to contributing actual volunteer work, and training is provided, as needed, based on your placement. Completed orientation and training time will count toward volunteer hours being tracked and reported.

For additional questions please contact William Clements at william.clements@ffmr.org.

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